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Immune system marker may improve bone marrow transplant outcomes

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital investigators prove that an immune marker predicts transplant success and improves selection of bone marrow donors. The risk of death following bone marrow transplantation can be reduced about 60 percent using a new technique to … Continue reading

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Unfounded fear prompts young breast cancer patients to remove healthy breasts

Despite evidence that contralateral prophylactic mastectomy (CPM) does not improve survival rates, an increasing number of young women with breast cancer elect to remove their healthy breast to avoid recurrence and improve survival. Researchers surveyed 123 women aged 40 or … Continue reading

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Microencapsulation produces uniform drug release vehicle

Consistently uniform, easily manufactured microcapsules containing a brain cancer drug may simplify treatment and provide more tightly controlled therapy, according to Penn State researchers. “Brain tumors are one of the world’s deadliest diseases,” said Mohammad Reza Abidian, assistant professor of … Continue reading

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When things are at their worst, Christianity is intensely enacted

A new University of Copenhagen PhD thesis has taken a look at faith as practised in the daily lives of Danish cancer survivors. The thesis shows that Christian beliefs play a significant role in the lives of people suffering from … Continue reading

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