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Year 2013

April 2013
15/04 – Nanodiamonds could improve effectiveness of breast cancer treatment in Research
15/04 – Breast cancer diagnosis and treatment to under-served area of Uganda in Presentation
15/04 – Electrical pulse treatment pokes holes in hard-to-treat tumors in Presentation
15/04 – Icy therapy spot treats cancer in the lung in Presentation
07/04 – Chemotherapy that works in an unexpected way in Research
07/04 – Targeted toxin active in platinum-resistant ovarian cancers in Presentation
07/04 – Blood tests can provide fuller picture of mutations in cancer than traditional biopsies in Presentation
07/04 – Some incurable tumors and BRCA mutations respond to new 2-drug combination in Presentation

March 2013
19/03 – Are survivors of childhood leukemia and lymphoma at greater risk of chronic fatigue as adults? in Research
19/03 – Most men with erectile dysfunction remain untreated in Presentation
08/03 – African-American breast cancer survivors face higher risk of heart failure in Presentation
08/03 – Killing cancer cells with acid reflux in Research
08/03 – Focal therapy offers middle ground for some prostate cancer patients in Research
03/03 – ‘Where you’re treated matters’ in terms of cancer survival in Research
03/03 – Changing shape makes chemotherapy drugs better at targeting cancer cells in Research

February 2013
25/02 – Neuroscientists sheds light on cause for ‘chemo brain’ in Research
20/02 – Molecules that can halt colon cancer metastasis in Research
19/02 – Not your conventional nucleic acids in Presentation
13/02 – Emerging cancer drugs may drive bone tumors in Research
13/02 – Clinical trial looks to improve pancreatic cancer survival rates in General
13/02 – Researchers discover ‘Achilles’ heel’ for lymphoid leukemia in Research
13/02 – Tumor blood vessels prevent the spread of cancer cells in Research

January 2013
30/01 – UK researchers claim that embarassment may prevent the British from accessing health care in Research
28/01 – Scientists discover p53 mutation hinders cancer treatment response in Research
28/01 – Prostate cancer cells thrive on stress in Research
26/01 – Medicinal cannabis provides dramatic relief for sufferers of chronic ailments in General
22/01 – Cancer mortality down 20 percent from 1991 peak in Review
22/01 – Breast cancer message boards that discuss drug side effects may influence therapy progression in Research
16/01 – Researchers reveal aggressive breast cancer’s metastatic path in Research
16/01 – Smoking intensity and cancer markers predict seriousness of bladder cancer in Research
01/01 – Drug shortage linked to greater risk of relapse in young Hodgkin lymphoma patients in Research

Year 2012

December 2012
21/12 – Spread of cancer cells may be slowed by targeting of protein in Research
20/12 – Diabetes and blood pressure could be linked to colon cancer recurrence or survival in Research
05/12 – Predicting the menopausal age of women who have suffered childhood cancers in Research
05/12 – Prohibitive reimbursement may restrict hospice enrollment in patients requiring high-cost carein Research
03/12 – Common diabetes drug may treat ovarian cancer in Research
03/12 – Could mistletoe give the kiss of death to cancer? in Research
03/12 – Meditation with art therapy can change your brain and lower anxiety in Research

November 2012
23/11 – Drug resistance biomarker could improve cancer treatment in Research
23/11 – MicroRNA makes triple-negative breast cancer homesick in Research
23/11 – New electrically-conductive polymer nanoparticles can generate heat to kill colorectal cancer cellsin Research
23/11 – Important groundbreaking study that may change transplant practices in Research
07/11 – First comprehensive guidelines for managing anaplastic thyroid cancer in General
07/11 – Targeted cancer drug may stunt heart’s ability to repair itself in Presentation
07/11 – Scientists test 5,000 combinations of 100 existing cancer drugs to find more effective treatmentsin Presentation
07/11 – First gene therapy study in human salivary gland shows promise in Research
07/11 – Active surveillance can reduce suffering among men with prostate cancer in Research

October 2012
22/10 – Statins may help prolong survival in NSCLC resection in Presentation
22/10 – Novel self-assembled nanoparticle for targeted and triggered thermo-chemotherapy in Research
22/10 – Survivors Day Conference webcast Oct 27 2012: focuses on late effects of childhood cancer therapy in General
22/10 – Developing a technology that predicts metastasis in breast cancer in Research
22/10 – Scientists harness immune system to prevent lymphoma relapse in Research
22/10 – Managing lymphedema by exercise and decongestive therapy in Review
13/10 – RNA-based therapy brings new hope for an incurable blood cancer in Research
13/10 – Melanoma – The wolf in sheep’s clothing in Research
03/10 – Surgeons investigate whether rural colon cancer patients fare worse than urban patients in Presentation
03/10 – New understanding in lung cancer vulnerabilities points to targeted therapy development in Research
03/10 – Lower UK survival rates in ovarian cancer may be due to treatment differences in Research

September 2012
27/09 – Single-site laparoscopic surgery reduces pain of tumor removal in Research
27/09 – AMP appeals breast cancer gene patent case to US Supreme Court in General
17/09 – Researchers reveal underlying mechanism of powerful chemotherapy for prostate cancer treatment in Research
17/09 – Chemists develop nose-like sensor array to ‘smell’ cancer diagnoses in Research
17/09 – Cloned receptor paves way for new breast and prostate cancer treatment in Research
17/09 – Under-twisted DNA origami delivers cancer drugs to tumors in Research
17/09 – Researchers find novel predictor for MDS progression risk in Research
05/09 – Simple way of predicting severe pain following breast cancer surgery in Research
05/09 – PET/CT imaging of lymph nodes predicts recurrence in breast cancer patients in Research
05/09 – Evidence for ‘chemo brain’ in breast cancer survivors in Review
05/09 – Genetic clues of why most bone marrow transplant patients develop graft-versus-host disease in Research
05/09 – New target for cancers resistant to Iressa and Herceptin in Research

August 2012
25/08 – Unique adverse events with newly approved drug ipilimumab in Research
25/08 – Cancer survival in Germany after the fall of the iron curtain in Review
25/08 – LIVESTRONG: Statements by Lance Armstrong & Foundation VC Jeffery C. Garvey in General
25/08 – Survival threatened when malignant brain tumors appear at multiple sites in Research
25/08 – Modelling the behaviour of cancer cells in Research
10/08 – Individualized care best for lymphedema patients in Review
10/08 – How heat helps to treat cancer in Research
10/08 – Effective treatments for throat and cervical cancer in Research
10/08 – Value of calcium and vitamin D supplements in cancer treatment in Review
10/08 – Lower risk of serious side-effects in new targeted drugs trials in Research
04/08 – Use of dolasetron in the prevention and treatment of nausea associated with chemotherapy in Review
04/08 – Change in drug regimen offers new hope in advanced breast cancer in Research
04/08 – Heat-shock factor supports highly malignant cancers in Research

July 2012
28/07 – Tumor cells’ inner workings predict cancer progression in Research
28/07 – Men with prostate cancer more likely to die from other causes in Research
28/07 – Bone marrow transplant eliminates signs of HIV infection in Presentation
28/07 – Should high-dose interleukin-2 be treatment of choice for metastatic melanoma? in Review
18/07 – Young cancer patients lack psychological and social support in Research
18/07 – Stress fuels breast cancer metastasis to bone in Research
18/07 – Obesity may affect response to breast cancer treatment in Research
07/07 – Antibodies from rabbits reduce risks associated with stem cell transplant from an unrelated donorin Research
07/07 – Loss of SPDEF protein may allow prostate cancer cells to metastasize in Research

June 2012
28/06 – New drug improves survival in Hodgkin lymphoma patients in Presentation
28/06 – Inoperable pancreatic cancer responds to new treatment. in Research
28/06 – Novel radiation therapy safely treats prostate cancer and lowers the risk of recurrence in Research
28/06 – Reducing radiation in treatment of pediatric Hodgkin lymphoma in Research
28/06 – Drug improves muscle strength among male cancer patients in Presentation
21/06 – Stopping and starting cancer cell cycle weakens and defeats multiple myeloma in Research
21/06 – Pain in the treatment of fair skin cancer in Research
14/06 – Trojan Horse trial drug attacking pancreatic cancer in General
14/06 – Tracking breast cancer cells on the move in Research
08/06 – HIV drug may slow down metastatic breast cancer in Research
08/06 – New Firefly technology lights up more precise kidney sparing surgery in General
04/06 – Drug might protect hearts of childhood leukemia survivors in Presentation
04/06 – Drug combination highly effective for newly diagnosed myeloma patients in Research
04/06 – Ginseng fights fatigue in cancer patients in Presentation
04/06 – Intermittent hormone therapy for prostate cancer inferior to continuous therapy in Presentation
01/06 – Delayed side effects of head and neck cancer treatments go unreported in Presentation

May 2012
27/05 – Calcium supplements linked to increased risk of heart attack in Research
23/05 – Heart damage after chemo linked to stress in cardiac cells in Research
23/05 – New combination therapy strategy for basal-like breast cancers in Research
23/05 – Cardio fitness of breast cancer patients may affect survival in Research
16/05 – Racial disparities in success of prostate cancer surgery in Presentation
16/05 – Vaccine combination therapy shows survival benefit in breast cancer in Research
16/05 – Tumor size influences chemotherapy’s effect on overall survival in Research
14/05 – Reforming disability assessment centres in General
10/05 – Salivary gland damage avoided by sparing stem cells in radiotherapy for head and neck cancer in Presentation
10/05 – Gene-modified stem cell transplant protects against chemotherapy toxicity in Research
10/05 – Racial and economic disparities in ovarian cancer survival in Presentation
10/05 – Physical activity linked to reduced cancer mortality in Research
04/05 – Immune-response genes affecting breast tumor eradication in Presentation
04/05 – Beehive extract shows potential as prostate cancer treatment in General

April 2012
30/04 – Poorer quality of life for gay men and minorities after prostate cancer treatment in Review
30/04 – High Risk of heart problems in childhood cancer survivors in Research
30/04 – Equal access to care helps close cancer survival gap in Research
26/04 – Post cancer-related fatigue in breast cancer patients in Research
26/04 – Bridging the gap in treatment for older women with breast cancer in General
18/04 – Balancing trastuzumab’s breast cancer survival benefits with heart risks in Review
18/04 – Brain cancer vaccine proves effective in Presentation
18/04 – Evaluating adverse effects in different radiation therapies for prostate cancer in Research
18/04 – New radiation therapy reduces treatment of gynecologic cancers from 5 weeks to 3 days in Research
18/04 – Cancer-related pain often under treated in Research
18/04 – Response to cancer drugs can be boosted by altering tumor microenvironment in Research
18/04 – Potential treatment for lethal childhood leukemia in Research
18/04 – Swallowing exercises linked with improvement in head and neck cancer patients in Research
18/04 – UK turns down breast cancer drug in General
11/04 – Researchers identify a protein that may predict the risk of pulmonary metastases in breast cancer patients in Research
11/04 – Stress contributes to cognitive declines in women with breast cancer in Research
11/04 – Unique approach needed to accurately assess health of young adult cancer survivors in Review
11/04 – Cancer patients prefer risky treatments with larger rewards to ‘safe bets’ in Research
11/04 – Breast cancer patients suffer treatment-related side effects long after completing care in Review
11/04 – ‘Nanobubbles’ plus chemotherapy equals single-cell cancer targeting in Research
08/04 – Scientists identify major source of cells’ defense against oxidative stress in Research
08/04 – Clinical insight improves treatment with new lung cancer drug in Research
08/04 – Encouraging long-term survival rates in patients with non-small cell lung cancer in Presentation
01/04 – DNA sequencing lays foundation for personalized cancer treatment in Presentation
01/04 – Prostate cancer vaccine Provenge has long incited passions unlike any other cancer therapy. in General

March 2012
28/03 – Does BMI affect post-surgical complications, survival in esophageal adenocarcinoma? in Research
23/03 – Radiotherapy for DCIS still protects against recurrence after 15 years in Presentation
23/03 – Non-drug treatments help alleviate symptoms of treatment-induced menopause in breast cancer patients in Presentation
23/03 – Unhealthy behaviors more prevalent in survivors of multiple cancers in Research
20/03 – Drug makes leukemia more vulnerable to chemo in Research
20/03 – Disabling cancer cells’ defenses against radiation in Research
20/03 – CYFRA21-1 might be predictive marker in advanced NSCLC in Research
15/03 – Asian breast cancer survivors suffer cognitive impairments associated with chemotherapy in Research
11/03 – Discovery could reduce chemo’s side effects in Research
08/03 – Behind the headlines: ‘Government delaying cancer drug approvals’ in General
08/03 – Prevention and treatment of nausea associated with surgery or chemotherapy in Review
08/03 – Deciding what information is necessary in General
08/03 – Rare medical phenomenon of systemic tumor disappearance in a patient with metastatic melanoma in Research
08/03 – Cancer therapy: Drugs that get under your skin in Review
03/03 – Childhood cancer patients: Increased risk of infertility in Research

February 2012
29/02 – More people surviving cancer in Northern Ireland in General
29/02 – New estimates predict nearly 1.3 million deaths from cancer in the EU in 2012 in Review
26/02 – Cancer therapy more potent when it hits 2 targets in Research
26/02 – A new radiotherapy technique significantly reduces irradiation of healthy tissue in Research
26/02 – Newly approved drug for metastatic melanoma nearly doubles median survival in Research
21/02 – Consequences of Cancer Treatment in General
21/02 – New combo of chemo and well-known malaria drug delivers double punch to tumors in Presentation
21/02 – SBRT provides better outcomes than surgery for cancer patients with common lung disease in Research
18/02 – American Society of Hematology statement on critical methotrexate drug shortage in General
12/02 – Metastatic breast cancer hitches a free ride from the immune system in Research
12/02 – Heavy lifting for cancer research in Research
09/02 – Risk of death from breast cancer higher among older patients in Research
04/02 – Balancing oxaliplatin dose with neurological side effects in metastatic colon cancer in Review
04/02 – Oxford University Press to publish open access title Journal of Radiation Research in General
02/02 – New treatment for prostate cancer not approved for use in the UK health service in General
01/02 – Rate of follow-up surgeries after partial mastectomy varies greatly in Research
01/02 – New drug extends survival in patients with drug-resistant prostate cancer in Presentation

January 2012
30/01 – Cancer patients’ pain may be helped by psychosocial interventions in Review
30/01 – New method to manage stress responses for more successful tumor removal in General
30/01 – Head & neck cancer in transplant patients: For better or worse? in Presentation
30/01 – Grape seed extract kills head and neck cancer cells, leaves healthy cells unharmed in Research
27/01 – Radiation plus chemotherapy provides long-term positive results for head and neck cancer patients in Presentation
27/01 – Oral temperature changes in head and neck cancer patients predicts side effect severity in Presentation
27/01 – Newer radiation technology improves head and neck cancer patients’ long-term quality of life in Presentation
24/01 – Many people continue to smoke after being diagnosed with cancer in Research
23/01 – Younger breast cancer patients have more adverse quality-of-life issues in Review
23/01 – Study reveals mechanism of lung-cancer drug resistance in Research
17/01 – Cancer studies warn over NHS cost-cutting in Research
17/01 – Cabazitaxel with radiation and hormone therapy may improve prostate cancer survival in General
17/01 – Selectively stopping glutathione sensitizes brain tumors to chemotherapy in Research
12/01 – Reprogrammed oestrogen binding linked to more aggressive breast cancer in Research
10/01 – Personalized gene therapies may increase survival in brain cancer patients in Research
10/01 – Sorafenib effective in patients with non-small cell lung cancer, but low survival rates reported in Presentation
10/01 – Prospective surveillance model emerges as standard of care for breast cancer treatment in Research
06/01 – Downloadable tool helps cancer survivors plan and monitor exercise in General
06/01 – Cancer-killing compound spares healthy cells in Research
06/01 – Impaired quality of life: A warning signal after oesophageal cancer surgery in Research
06/01 – Agent shows ability to suppress brain metastasis and related damage in Research

Year 2011

December 2011
28/12 – Researchers identify target to delay metastatic pancreatic cancer and prolong survival in Research
28/12 – Autologous stem cell transplantation does not improve survival in patients with follicular lymphoma in Review
28/12 – Removal of lymph nodes during surgery for thyroid cancer may be beneficial in Research
20/12 – Childhood cancer drugs cure now but may cause problems later in Research
20/12 – Spread of nasopharyngeal carcinoma is reduced by bevacizumab in Research
19/12 – Innovative DNA study of mast cell leukemia could improve therapy in Research
14/12 – Improved survival rates of gynecological cancer in East England in Research
14/12 – Exposure to chemotherapy or radiation does not increase risk of birth defects in Research
07/12 – New study reassures on heart risks of prostate cancer treatment in Review
07/12 – Brachytherapy associated with increased risk for mastectomy complications in Research
07/12 – Prolonged fatigue for those who had chemotherapy for breast cancer in Research
01/12 – Everolimus prolongs progression-free survival for patients with neuroendocrine tumors in Research

November 2011
30/11 – Cancer recurrence in survivors mainly confined to same cancer type in Research
24/11 – Cancer drug cisplatin found to bind like glue in cellular RNA in Research
23/11 – Mortality rates for pharynx and mouth cancers have decreased in Research
23/11 – The Cancer Survival Lottery in General
17/11 – Probiotic protects intestine from radiation injury in Research
17/11 – Uncovering a key player in metastasis in Research
17/11 – Denosumab delays development of prostate cancer bone metastasis in Research
17/11 – Male breast cancer patients stop taking tamoxifen early because of drug-related side effects in Research
17/11 – Alcoholism is linked to higher rates of general and cancer-related deaths in Research
12/11 – Using Viagra to combat malignant melanoma in Research
03/11 – Depression may be linked to breast cancer outcomes in Research
03/11 – More radionuclide therapy is better for prostate cancer patients in Research
03/11 – Age no longer a barrier to stem cell transplantation for older patients in Research

October 2011
31/10 – New findings could lower risk of suicide in men with prostate cancer in Research
31/10 – Drugs used to tackle hospital-acquired infections can increase post-op complications in Research
31/10 – Folate receptors may serve as a front door to ovarian cancer treatment in Research
31/10 – Cancer survivorship research must look at quality of life in Research
23/10 – Association of quantity of alcohol and frequency of consumption with cancer mortality in Research
23/10 – Study highlights benefits of radiotherapy after breast cancer surgery in Research
23/10 – New treatment for skin cancer considered too expensive for the NHS in the UK in General
23/10 – Most breast cancer patients do not have breast reconstruction surgery in General
21/10 – Interventional radiologists: Tough on liver cancer, kind to patients in Research
21/10 – Turning up the heat to kill cancer cells: The ‘Lance Armstrong effect’ in Research
12/10 – Mushroom compound appears to improve effectiveness of cancer drugs in Research
12/10 – Inhaler treatment for lung cancer in Research
12/10 – BRCA2 genetic mutation associated with improved survival and chemotherapy response in ovarian cancer in Research
12/10 – Almost half of cancer survivors have ill health in later years in General
08/10 – Imaging agents offer new view of inflammation in cancer in Research
08/10 – Marijuana component could ease pain from chemotherapy drugs in Research
08/10 – Older cancer survivor population to increase substantially in Research
08/10 – FDG-PET appears promising for predicting prognosis of patients with inoperable NSCLC in Research
08/10 – New research shows PET imaging effective in predicting lung cancer outcomes in Research
08/10 – Survival increased in early stage breast cancer after treatment with herceptin and chemo in Research
08/10 – Survey reveals reasons doctors avoid online error-reporting tools in General
01/10 – ‘Micro’-chemo and cancer pill combo tested in liver cancer patients in Research
01/10 – Identification and management of breakthrough cancer pain remains a challenge in General
01/10 – Red wine ingredient resveratrol stops breast cancer growth in Research
01/10 – Popular colorectal cancer drug may cause permanent nerve damage in Research

September 2011
27/09 – Newly identified DNA repair defect linked to increased risk of leukemia relapse in Research
27/09 – Living donor liver transplantation improves survival over deceased donor transplants in Research
27/09 – Bone drug is mixed blessing for breast cancer patients in Research
27/09 – Shorter radiation course for prostate cancer is effective in long-term follow-up in Research
27/09 – Chemo plus radiation before surgery increases tumor response for rectal cancer in Research
27/09 – Researchers discover gene that is mutated in some blood cancers and predicts better survival in Research
27/09 – High blood pressure is linked to increased risk of developing or dying from cancer in Research
27/09 – Unequal access to cancer care can no longer be tolerated in General
27/09 – Couples counseling helps improve the sex lives of prostate cancer survivors and their spouses in Research
27/09 – Smaller, faster trials can improve cancer patient survival in General
27/09 – New hope for advanced post-menopausal breast cancer patients resistant to hormonal therapy in Research
27/09 – Bone-strengthening drug gives pain relief in prostate cancer bone metastases in Research
24/09 – Treatment of rectal cancer varies enormously between different European countries in General
24/09 – Infusing chemotherapy into the liver gives extra months of disease-free life in melanoma patientsin Research
24/09 – Elderly breast cancer patients risk treatment discrimination in Research
21/09 – 10 ways to make better decisions about cancer care in General
21/09 – Costly blood clots more common than expected among cancer patients in Research
21/09 – Blood pressure drugs may lengthen lives of melanoma patients in Research
21/09 – Candid discussion regarding sexuality can improve quality of life for prostate cancer survivors in Research
21/09 – New research will examine over-the-counter drug’s effect on chemo’s side-effects in General
21/09 – Soy peptide plus chemo drug block colon cancer’s spread to liver in Research
18/09 – Starving cancer cells of cholesterol might offer a new way to treat brain tumors in Research
18/09 – NICE recommends bone cancer drug in General
18/09 – Draft guidance gives green light to more treatment options for advanced follicular lymphoma in General
13/09 – Plant compound reduces breast cancer mortality in Research
13/09 – More evidence that spicing up broccoli boosts its cancer-fighting power in Research
13/09 – Primary component in turmeric kicks off cancer-killing mechanisms in human saliva in Research
13/09 – Novel drug combination offers therapeutic promise for hard-to-treat cancers in Research
13/09 – Gene therapy kills breast cancer stem cells and boosts chemotherapy in Research
13/09 – ‘Trojan Horse’ particle sneaks chemotherapy in to kill ovarian cancer cells in Research
12/09 – Fish oil reduces effectiveness of chemotherapy in Research
12/09 – BVES butts heads with colorectal cancer in Research
09/09 – Concurrent chemo and radiation therapy improves long-term survival for inoperable stage III lung cancer in Research
09/09 – Combination therapy rids common infection from implanted medical devices in Research
09/09 – Young women with early breast cancer have similar survival with breast conservation as with mastectomy in Research
09/09 – Chemotherapy can impair speech in Research
05/09 – New half-match bone marrow transplant procedure yields promising outcomes for cancer patientsin Research
05/09 – Fibrous stroma associated with poor prognosis in lung squamous cell carcinoma in Research
05/09 – First and only therapeutic drug for ALK-positive lung cancer approved in General

August 2011
28/08 – Study shows greater impact of chemotherapy on fertility in Research
28/08 – How new guidelines are transforming services for brain cancer patients in the UK in Research
28/08 – New drug for chronic myeloid leukaemia is recommended for use in the UK in General
18/08 – PET scans confirm effectiveness of estrogen-blocking drugs in breast cancer patients in Research
18/08 – Popular herbal supplements may adversely affect chemotherapy treatment in General
13/08 – New treatment option for advanced prostate cancer in Research
13/08 – Men have overly optimistic expectations about recovery from prostate cancer surgery, U-M study finds in Research
12/08 – Improved radical surgery techniques provide positive outcomes for bladder cancer patients in Research
12/08 – Study urges caution with lenalidomide dosage in Research
11/08 – Early morning smokers have increased risk of lung and head and neck cancers in Research
04/08 – Hormone reduces risk of heart failure from chemotherapy in Research
04/08 – Combination of existing safety checks could greatly reduce radiotherapy errors in General
04/08 – Combo therapies tested to overcome drug resistance in melanoma patients in Research

July 2011
28/07 – Vitamin D relieves joint, muscle pain for breast cancer patients in Research
28/07 – Hormone therapy may be hazardous for men with heart conditions in Research
21/07 – A new therapy without side effects could dramatically improve chemotherapy in Research
21/07 – Therapy appears to reduce rate of chemotherapy-induced early menopause for women with breast cancer in Research
13/07 – Cancer mortality rates are higher in men than women in Research
06/07 – High EGFR expression a predictor for improved survival with cetuximab plus chemotherapy in Research

June 2011
30/06 – Reduced side effects in anti-cancer antibiotics in Research
27/06 – Many advanced breast cancer patients do not receive recommended treatment in Research
26/06 – Suppressed cancer innovation‏ in General
23/06 – Cancer survivors have lower employment rates and work fewer hours in Research
23/06 – Exercise associated with longer survival after brain cancer diagnosis in Research
14/06 – Prostate cancer gets around hormone therapy by activating a survival cell signaling pathway in Research
14/06 – Low-carbohydrate, high-protein diets may reduce both tumor growth rates and cancer risk in Research
14/06 – Cancer survivors spend more on health care in Research
14/06 – Certain head and neck cancer patients benefit from second round of treatment in Research
08/06 – Study finds bankruptcy rates among cancer patients increase along with survival time in Presentation
08/06 – Tai chi could be key to overcoming cognitive effects of chemotherapy in General
04/06 – Vaccine first to show improved survival rates for metastatic melanoma in Research
04/06 – Cancer survivors experience long-term pain, fatigue, insomnia, foggy brain in Presentation
04/06 – Childhood cancer survivors at increased risk of certain tumors in middle-age in Research
04/06 – Experimental vaccine made from frozen immune cells shows promise for prostate cancer patientsin Presentation

May 2011
26/05 – Many patients fail to properly take oral chemo, leading to complications in Research
26/05 – Brisk walking may help men with prostate cancer in Research
20/05 – Herbal remedies offer hope as the new antibiotics in Research
20/05 – DNA repair system affects colon cancer recurrence and survival in Research
20/05 – Yoga improves quality of life in women with breast cancer undergoing radiation therapy in Presentation
20/05 – Researchers discover key to fighting drug-resistant leukemia in Research
17/05 – Advanced-stage prostate cancer patients experience 20-year survival rates with surgery in Presentation
10/05 – Estrogen-lowering drugs reduce mastectomy rates for breast cancer patients in Research
10/05 – Sensitizing prostate cancer to radiotherapy in Research
10/05 – Sexual orientation affects cancer survivorship in Research
10/05 – Surgery reduces risk of mortality due to prostate cancer even for low-risk groups in Research
10/05 – Protein snapshots reveal clues to breast cancer outcomes in Presentation
10/05 – Gene expression predicts chemotherapy sensitivity of triple-negative breast cancer in Presentation
09/05 – Commonly used expensive drugs for leukaemia not recommended for use in the UK in General
09/05 – Ovarian cancer drug not recommended for use in UK due to lack of appropriate evidence in General
09/05 – NICE updates guidance on the diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer in General
05/05 – Researchers discover protein that could help prevent the spread of cancer in Research
05/05 – Childhood cancer survivors are at increased risk for ongoing post-therapy GI complications in Research
04/05 – Most patients recover from ‘chemo-brain’ by 5 years after stem cell transplant in Research
04/05 – Researchers find that aspirin reduces the risk of cancer recurrence in prostate cancer patients in Research

April 2011
28/04 – Stress and depression are associated with shorter survival in head and neck cancer patients in Research
21/04 – ACE inhibitors may increase risk of recurrence in breast cancer survivors in Research
21/04 – Minimizing side effects from chemoradiation could help brain cancer patients live longer in Research
21/04 – Future of personalized cancer care is promising and near in Research
16/04 – Blood test could predict metastasis risk in melanoma in Research
16/04 – Minimally invasive thyroid surgery effective in children in Research
16/04 – Radiation at time of lumpectomy may offer faster, more precise treatment for breast cancer patients in General
14/04 – High dose of oxygen enhances natural cancer treatment in Research
06/04 – Extreme weight gain raises risk for recurrence among breast cancer survivors in Research
03/04 – Avoiding or controlling diabetes may reduce cancer risk and mortality in Research
03/04 – Scientists identify KRAS rearrangements in metastatic prostate cancer in Research
03/04 – Chronic stress of cancer causes accelerated telomere shortening in Research

March 2011
30/03 – Memory impairment common among cancer survivors in Research
30/03 – Certain breast cancer patients worry excessively about recurrence in Research
24/03 – Acupuncture is equally effective with simulated needles in Research
24/03 – Europe-wide survey reveals priorities for end-of-life care in General
24/03 – Extracellular matrix tugging creates come hither stimulus for cancer migration in Research
17/03 – Surgical technique helps adult male survivors of childhood cancer regain fertility in Research
14/03 – 70 percent of prostate cancer patients on ADT gain significant weight in first year in Research
04/03 – Researchers find possible new treatment strategies for pancreatic cancer in Research
04/03 – Breast cancer survivors at higher risk for falls in Research
03/03 – New report says large proportion of colorectal cancer deaths could be prevented in General
03/03 – Study links vitamin D to lung cancer survival in Research
03/03 – Fighting cancer at your local Indian restaurant in Research

February 2011
28/02 – Fish oil may help combat cancer-related malnutrition in Research
28/02 – Chemoradiotherapy prior to surgery improves survival in T3 and T4 non-small lung cancer patients in Research
25/02 – Study to assess if Acupressure can relieve fatigue in cancer survivors in General
25/02 – New study confirms that body weight, in Asians, influences risk of death from cancer and other diseases in Research
25/02 – Bone drug zoledronic acid may help prevent spread of early lung cancer in Research
22/02 – Why chemotherapy causes more infertility in women than in men in Research
22/02 – Novel methods for improved breast cancer survival in General
18/02 – Few women seek help for sexual issues after cancer treatment, but many want it in Research
18/02 – Smoking during radiation treatments reduces chance of overall survival in Research
18/02 – Further research needed to develop evidence-based nutrition guidelines for cancer survivors in Review
11/02 – Male cancer survivor offspring slightly higher risk of congenital birth abnormalities in Research
11/02 – Limited lymph node removal for certain breast cancer does not appear to result in poorer survivalin Research
11/02 – Elderly patients 4 times more likely to die from treatment complications in Research
11/02 – Cancer breakthrough to prevent heart failure and increase survival rates in Research
05/02 – A loose grip provides better chemotherapy in Research
05/02 – Painful hip fractures more common in breast cancer survivors in Research
03/02 – Generic drug may improve the effectiveness of cancer nanotherapies in Research

January 2011
28/01 – Study suggests new treatment option to reduce metastasis in ovarian cancer in Research
26/01 – Anti-oestrogen medication reduces risk of dying from lung cancer in Research
26/01 – Culture of safety key to reducing chances for medical errors in Review
23/01 – Breast cancer survivors can continue to experience fatigue years after treatment. in Research
23/01 – Breastfeeding — added protection for cancer survivors? in Review
18/01 – Clinicians cite time, other illnesses and patient embarrassment as barriers to performing skin cancer exams in Research
14/01 – New cancer drive to save 5,000 lives a year in General
14/01 – Funding to improve cancer survival rates in General
12/01 – Numerous factors contribute to high pancreatic cancer mortality rate in Review
12/01 – Three-drug combination shows long-lasting survival benefit in head and neck cancer patients in Research
12/01 – Race affects regional colorectal cancer screening disparities in Research
12/01 – Benefit of brachytherapy in patients with early-stage prostate cancer is still unclear in General
09/01 – Cancer survival rates remain lower in the UK compared to other countries in Research
09/01 – Researchers clear the way to alternative anti-angiogenic cancer therapy in Research
04/01 – Experimental drug more potent, longer lasting than morphine in Research
03/01 – Advancements in fertility preservation provide oncology patients new options in Research

Year 2010

December 2010
29/12 – NICE gives green light to leukaemia drug in draft guidance in General
29/12 – NICE fast-tracks recommendation of a new treatment for kidney cancer in General
24/12 – Why do risks with human characteristics make powerful consumers feel lucky? in Research
24/12 – Age plays too big a role in prostate cancer treatment decisions in Research
24/12 – Smoking may worsen pain for cancer patients in Research
17/12 – Avastin (bevacizumab) not safe and effective in breast cancer, says FDA in General
17/12 – Liver cancer in cirrhotic patients effectively treated with radiofrequency ablation in Research
16/12 – Decades after childhood radiation, thyroid cancer a concern in Research
16/12 – Final NICE guidance published on bevacizumab for treating metastatic colorectal cancer in General
15/12 – Pomegranate juice components may stop cancer from spreading in Research
15/12 – Killing drug-resistant melanoma requires combination therapy in Research
13/12 – New risk factors for brain metastases in breast cancer patients uncovered in Research
10/12 – Simple fingertip test may identify breast cancer patients at risk for carpal tunnel syndrome in Research
10/12 – NICE says patient benefits of breast cancer drug are too small to justify its very high cost in General
06/12 – Improvement needed for mastectomy outcome reporting in Research
06/12 – NICE draft guidance recommends maintenance treatment for follicular non-Hodgkin’s lymphomain General
06/12 – Mitoxantrone is significantly better than idarubicin at improving the outcome of children with relapsed acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in Research
01/12 – UK Government to reform drug pricing in the National Health Service in General

November 2010
29/11 – Vinflunine has not been recommended by NICE for the treatment of bladder cancer in General
24/11 – Researchers find that children of some racial minority groups are more likely to die from neuroblastoma in Research
22/11 – Xgeva (denosumab), to protect bones of patients with advanced cancer approved in the US. in General
18/11 – Hearing loss common following radiation therapy for head and neck cancer in Research
18/11 – Never-smokers fare far better than smokers after radiation therapy for head and neck cancer in Research
15/11 – Bevacizumab for treating metastatic colorectal cancer: benefits for some patients; high cost for the NHS in General
11/11 – Colorectal cancer risk increases in prostate cancer patients on androgen deprivation therapy in Research
11/11 – Arsenic early in treatment improves survival for leukemia patients in Research
09/11 – Study sheds light on aromatase inhibitor joint pain syndrome in Research
09/11 – Lung Cancer Patients In UK Missing Out On Life Saving Surgery in General
05/11 – Discovery shows promise against severe side effects in Research
05/11 – Study finds popular drug not always best in treating hospital-acquired pneumonia in Research
02/11 – Breast cancer survivors often rate post-treatment breast appearance only ‘fair’ in Presentation
02/11 – Race may influence uterine cancer recurrence in Presentation

October 2010
28/10 – Male cancer patients missing out on sperm banking in Research
28/10 – NICE publishes guidance on three cancer drugs in General
27/10 – Success of certain cancer therapies may depend on the presence of immune cell in Research
27/10 – Research group needs cancer patients with fatigue to participate in study. in General
22/10 – Childhood cancer survivors face long-term risk of gastrointestinal complications in Presentation
22/10 – Girls with ovarian germ-cell tumors can safely skip chemotherapy unless disease recurs in Research
20/10 – Hormone therapy use by postmenopausal women may increase incidence of more advanced breast cancer in Research
18/10 – Prostate cancer patients treated with robotic-assisted surgery can expect low recurrence of cancerin Research
14/10 – Adding cetuximab to chemotherapy doubles response rate in hard-to-treat breast cancer in Presentation
14/10 – Sexual issues a major concern for cancer patients taking new targeted drugs in Presentation
12/10 – Physical symptoms prevalent no matter what stage of cancer including remission in Research
12/10 – First ever national guidelines in the management of ovarian cancer are being developed by NICEin General
11/10 – Ignorance, not illness, stops people with cancer working in the UK in General
08/10 – Effective bone cancer drug rejected for NHS use due to high cost in General
08/10 – Post-cancer social support lacking among women from ethnic minority groups in Presentation
05/10 – New vaccine extends survival for patients with deadly brain cancers in Research
05/10 – NICE recommends Herceptin for certain patients with metastatic gastric cancer in General

September 2010
16/09 – Ofatumumab has not been recommended by NICE for use in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia due to cost in General
16/09 – Radiation exposure poses similar risk of first and second cancers in atomic bomb survivors in Research
09/09 – Muscle wasting in cancer does not spare the heart in Research
03/09 – Association between new nuclear breast imaging technologies and higher cancer risks in Review
03/09 – RNAi screening used for the first time to study Ewing’s sarcoma in Research
02/09 – Double-therapy approach effectively inhibits brain cancer recurrence in Research

August 2010
26/08 – Bortezomib and thalidomide have been recommended for the treatment of multiple myeloma in General
26/08 – Lack of clinical evidence prevents the use of Imatinib in GIST therapy in General
26/08 – NICE refuses to recommend avastin for advanced bowel cancer due to cost. in General

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