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Risk for leukemia after treatment for early-stage breast cancer higher than reported

The risk of developing leukemia after radiation therapy or chemotherapy for early stage breast cancer remains very small, but it is twice as high as previously reported, according to results of a new study led by researchers at the Johns … Continue reading

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Dysfunctional mitochondria may underlie resistance to radiation therapy

New role discovered for gene The resistance of some cancers to the cell-killing effects of radiation therapy may be due to abnormalities in the mitochondria – the cellular structures responsible for generating energy, according to an international team of researchers. … Continue reading

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Overuse of radiation therapy when urologists profit from self-referral

IMRT use is 2.5 times greater when self-referral’s financial incentives are involved A comprehensive review of Medicare claims for more than 45,000 patients from 2005 through 2010 found that nearly all of the 146 percent increase in intensity-modulated radiation therapy … Continue reading

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Microencapsulation produces uniform drug release vehicle

Consistently uniform, easily manufactured microcapsules containing a brain cancer drug may simplify treatment and provide more tightly controlled therapy, according to Penn State researchers. “Brain tumors are one of the world’s deadliest diseases,” said Mohammad Reza Abidian, assistant professor of … Continue reading

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